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About Us

Eko Greater Tomorrow Foundation is a non-governmental, not for profit and non Religious Organization with the primary task and vision of restoring the dignity of man in our society. We explore every positive means of raising the socio- economic well being and moral consciousness of the people.
The foundation is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) as a Youth Empowerment centre that also runs a credit and enterprise development support scheme, designed to give Loans/ Grants, conduct training, and engage in capacity building programmes and counseling services to young persons between the ages of 18-30 years with viable business ideas.
Our sponsors set aside part of their funds for the unemployed youths, especially graduates who are roaming the streets looking for white collar jobs which are not always available.
These young graduates with adequate assistance could be useful to the society and contribute meaningfully to nation building using their own business initiatives, if provided with proper training and a micro credit facility.

- To be a pace-setter Non-governmental Organization for the social economic empowerment and development of the young citizens in the society through training, skill acquisition, education    on wealth creation and other services to humanity.
- To provide feasible opportunity for capacity building.
- To stimulate creativity and sustain people-oriented development and growth in youths for a better tomorrow.
- To undertake and sponsor research on a broad range of issues aimed at ameliorating poverty and unemployment and promoting economic self reliant of the youth, women and other        vulnerable groups.
- To alleviate poverty and hunger by providing fund/grant to support micro enterprises without gender discrimination.
- To create awareness and information on HIV/AIDS prevention, care and support for the youth.

Provision of feasible opportunity for capacity building to stimulate creativity for sustainable people-oriented development and growth in youths and other vulnerable group for better tomorrow.

To establish a self-revolving, self liquidating sustainable enterprise support services and credit access scheme for vulnerable and socially excluded groups with a focus on young graduates and women co-operatives in Nigeria.

The scope of the programmes will remain national using Lagos State as the pivotal state.

Our target groups are unemployed youth who are between the ages of 18-30 years with viable business ideas. More importantly, women cooperative societies/registered trade associations who have good enterprise idea but whose ideas have been incapacitated by the unavailability of funds.

The foundation is being currently funded by Enterprise & Financial Support Company Limited (EFSCL) who has set aside Ten percent of its capital for this purpose.
The foundation is seeking:
• Endowment and donation from private organizations, development agencies and governments.
• Sponsorship for programmes.
• Funding for specific projects in partnership with other organizations. 

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